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New partnership with Bank of us

In July 2021, NILS Tasmania formed an additional partnership with Bank of us.  NILS Tasmania CEO, John Hooper says that the partnership came at an opportune time.  “Our relationship with Bank of us will help us to continue to provide no interest loans to those Tasmanians on low incomes who just need a leg up to get their business dream off the ground, or to give it a boost.  We know these loans are life changing and enable many of our clients to not just create work for themselves, and move off Centrelink payment, but over 20% then employ others as well,” said John.  “It is a privilege to partner with a company like Bank of us, a Tasmanian customer owned bank that shares in our strong commitment to the community, and creating opportunity for Tasmanians.  This relationship immediately means we can greatly expand the number of loans we offer, and most importantly enable people to show what then can be achieved through their business, and along the way boost local economies around the state.”

Client Business Directory

In an effort to assist our clients and promote their business, NILS Tasmania has produced a MicroBusiness Loan Program Client Business Directory.   This Directory aims to support local economies by supporting our clients.  The Directory contains information on NILS Tasmania, MicroBusiness Loan basics and survey results, and most importantly a number of client business profiles and their contact details. 

The Directory will soon be available at your local Enterprise Centre, NEIS provider, or you can download it here. Download Here