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  • No Interest Loan Scheme
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The NILS concept was developed by Good Shepherd in Victoria and operates across Australia. Community lending started in Tasmania in 2002, when the NILS (No Interest Loans) Network of Tasmania Ltd. was first established.

NILS loans are accessed through over 105 community access points provided by our 76 Delivery Partners and over 400 volunteers. (Link to DP map).

Since 2002 we have issued more than 31,000 loans totalling more than 30 million dollars. Our initial loan funds have now been lent and repaid 16 times over.


  • Efficient loan delivery and systems to provide a real alternative to exploitative lending.
  • We work towards Tasmanians gaining financial confidence through accessing and repaying our loans.
  • Maintain and enhance the community access points of our network to provide true community connected lending.
  • Be a strong and respected advocate for fair and equitable lending for low income Tasmanians.


To improve the standard of living for Tasmanians on low incomes by providing:

  • Affordable finance for essential goods and services
  • Affordable finance for small business development
  • Access to financial literacy support and information

Our recent work

NILS Network Tasmania 2020–2021


NILS Tasmania is an Incorporated Association which is overseen by an elected board made up of representatives of our Delivery Partners, Funding Bodies and specific skill based appointees.

The members of the board currently are:

Kym Goodes (Chair)

Principal, 3P Advisory


Stacey Millbourne (Director)

Manager, Doorways Tasmania, Salvation Army Tasmania


Marla Giacon (Director)

Business and Scheduling Operational Manager, Anglicare Tasmania


Lance Balcombe (Director)

Various Directorships


Nicolette Quinn (Chair, Finance Subcommittee)

Founder - Savvy  CFO


Will Barbour (Director)

Customer Strategy & Experience Manager, Aurora Energy


Kane Ingham (Director)

Chief Financial Officer, Tas Water