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Paula's Story

The NILS MicroBusiness loan helped buy equipment for this growing business


Saintly Sweets


Paula Fenton


Making hand-crafted epecurean sweet treats free from gluten, diary and refined sugar, dipped in 90% cocoa chocolate

Paula used the NILS MicroBusiness loan to buy her own chocolate tempering machine - previously she had to do the process all by hand which was incredibly labour intensive.

From her own personal experience and those of dear friends, Paula became aware of a scarcity of delicious treats in cafes and specialist stores which are free from potentially damaging additives, in particular gluten, dairy and refined sugars.  There was nowhere to enjoy a treat with coffee whilst joining friends in a cafe.


Saintly Sweets are just that, Saintly in their make-up and Wicked in their flavour and nutrition.  All of the produce are hand made using as many local ingredients as Paula can source, for example she uses hand-picked cherries from a 100 year old heritage tree in Cradoc.

Some of Saintly Sweets' range includes some old favourites renamed as Sinful Snicker, Blissful Bounty, Cherubic Cherry Ripe, Luscious Lamington and NoMaltTeaza.


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