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John's story'

John started his business in northern Tasmania with the help of a MicroBusiness Loan from NILS.


Just Test and Tag


John Reardon


Testing and tagging of residential and commercial electrical appliances.

With over 20 years’ experience in various technology industries, John Reardon started operating as Just Test and Tag Tasmania in northern Tasmania, mainly servicing TAS Water meters. John noticed the excessive prices being charged for test and tag services and this was the impetus for developing a better methodology. By implementing computer based reporting and record keeping he has been able to reduce the price per tag thus passing on a major cost saving to his clients.

John started his business with the help of a MicroBusiness loan from NILS. Since commencing his business he has won major contracts Tasmania wide. Having expanded his business to the south of the State he approached NILS for a top-up loan to assist. With his $1,500 top-up loan he was able to purchase the extra equipment needed.

As a footnote John contacted us recently to let NILS know that his business has won another contract in southern Tasmania and is looking to employ two staff to service this contract. John told us he really wants to employ people who are long term unemployed, to give them a chance and help them out. He also decided to payout his loan early so that the funds were available for other borrowers. John’s story is a great example of how a NILS loan and support can help grow an emerging small business.

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