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Research by Anglicare has previously shown that Tasmanians have the worst dental health status in the nation.

Many low income households don’t have the capacity to save, and when it comes to new dentures, braces, urgently needed orthodontic treatment or even extractions, the only place they could previously get help was from a fringe lender like Cash Converters.

The cost of loans from companies like this can be very high – as much as 40% interest.

 NILS  is a no-interest loan of up to $1200. We don’t lend cash – if a loan is approved, we pay the service provider for the applicant.

 You only pay back what you borrow and there are no fees or charges.

 NILS can also help with:

  •  some medical costs (e.g. cataract surgery),
  • Medical equipment costs (e.g. mobility scooters),
  • Essential eyewear (prescription glasses etc).

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