Without a NILS Microbusiness Loan I could not have started my business

What is a Micro Business Loan?

Have you dreamed of starting your own business to bring in some extra income and gain independence?

Do you have a skill, idea or talent that could help you realise your dream?
The Micro-Business Loan Program and Enterprise Centres Tasmania can help you start a new business or boost an existing one.

The program provides:

  • No interest loans up to $3000.
  • Local business development advice and support.

We have clients with businesses ranging from cafes and hairdressing salons to landscaping and fine arts.

Am I eligible?

To qualify you must:

  • Have a Health Care Card or Pension Card
  • Have been at your current address for more than 3 months
  • Have a business plan

How do I apply?

Call your local business advisor at Enterprise Centres Tasmania to get started

Microbusiness Case Studies

Helping people to improve their quality of life and provide finance on a not-for-profit basis

Roger's Story

Artisa Cheese is the business Roger Martyn became involved with in 2016.  After a year involving research and development as a home based business in Longford, Artisa set up its production facilities in Prospect, Launceston.

Sharee's Story

Operated out of a converted room in Sharee’s house, the fully equipped salon provides a great stage for Sharee’s hairdressing talents and has the warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel like you could chat and laugh the whole day away.

James' Story

James is a serious worker: he knew what he wanted to do – start his own business; and he knew that he needed some help to make it cost effective.

Calista's Story

Calista’s Micro-Business Loan helped her to purchase a digital camera so she can promote her products on the Web and to help with promotion generally. She also has an industrial sewing machine which makes the whole process much easier.